An Excerpt from “Historical Review of Hospital Facilities in Lakeview” by William J. Strieby, M.D.

The Growth of Lake County Oregon by Georgie Stephenson is a valuable source of information on the development of hospital facilities in Lakeview.

Dr. and Mrs. G. Irving Russell constructed the first hospital in 1913. It was located on F and South Sixth Streets and was labeled “Lakeview General Hospital”. It had a bed capacity for twelve patients and was attended by two trained nurses. No other hospital was maintained between Reno on the south, The Dalles on the north, Klamath Falls on the west and Idaho on the east. After a brief period of operation, Dr. Russell died. Dr.’s Ballard and Oftendal purchased the property from Mrs. Lucy Russell.

An Excerpt from “The Growth of Lake County, Oregon” by Georgie Ellen Boydstun Stephenson

Public hospital service began in Lakeview in 1913. Dr. and Mrs. J. Irving Russell occupied the Henry Newell property on West Street near Bullard Street. They recognized the need for a hospital in the community and set about providing hospital service.

Work has commenced Monday of this week on a large addition to the Henry Newell property on West Street, occupied by Dr. and Mrs. J. Irving Russell, which will be used for hospital purposes. The work is in charge of I.A. Underwood and it will be ready for use by September 15.

The institution will be known as the Lakeview General Hospital and…