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Lake Health District cares about the Health Welfare and Safety of its Staff, Patients and community. To that end, Lake Health District has established this emergency preparedness public information page for the benefit of all residents within Lake county and the surrounding area.

Lake Health District Moulage Team:

Lake Health District supports its regional partners by providing a traveling team to conduct injury specific special effects makeup for exercises and trainings. If you have need of such services, please fill out the application in the link below and return via email to both scosby@lakehealthdistrict.org and tcarlon@lakehealthdistrict.org.

Link for Moulage Team Request

Current emergencies and information

No Active Emergencies

Below you will find links to emergency resources, information on how to prepare for and react to emergencies and information on how to assist your children, individuals with access and functional needs, and/or your pets in case of emergencies.



Oregon Department of Emergency Management:

Hazards and Preparedness

Under the best of circumstances government agencies and other emergency organizations can’t protect you from disaster. It’s our responsibility as individuals, neighborhoods, and communities to be aware of hazards and risks, to prepare for the critical period immediately following a disaster, and to make sure that disaster preparedness has the high priority it deserves. By becoming informed of the hazards in Oregon, we can take actions to protect ourselves, reduce losses and recover quickly.

Preparedness Publications

Oregon Health Authority (OHA)

Health Security, Preparedness and Response (HSPR)

The mission of Oregon’s Health Security, Preparedness and Response (HSPR) Program is to develop public health systems to prepare for and respond to major, acute threats and emergencies that impact the health of people in Oregon. We collaborate with Oregon Emergency Management (OEM) and our local, regional and national Emergency Management partners.

Preparedness Tools for Oregonians

South Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership


Fire Photos

The South-Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership is an interagency fire management program that provides comprehensive wildland fire service to south central Oregon and northwest Nevada.


The partnership strives to achieve a more efficient, effective and integrated interagency fire management program for all participating agencies on the land administered and protected by each agency. Dispatching is performed by the Lakeview Interagency Fire Center (LIFC).


1301 South G Street, Lakeview, OR, United States, Oregon

(541) 219-0515

In an emergency in Lake County, Oregon, dial 911.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office

Lake County Courthouse, 513 Center Street

Lakeview, OR 97630: (541) 947-6027


Here are some key services provided by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office:

Civil Division / Corrections Division / Criminal Division / Search and Rescue (SAR).


For more information, you can visit the Lake County Sheriff’s Office website.

Lake County Emergency Management:

Deputy Daniel Tague

Phone: (541) 947-6027 X 1204


Main Office: (541) 947-6027

Christmas Valley Substation: (541) 576-2781

Lake County Dispatch: (541) 947-250412. Remember, in case of an emergency, always dial 911. Stay safe!

The Oregon State Police is the premier public safety services agency for Oregon.  The mission of the Department of Oregon State Police is to enhance livability and safety by protecting the people, property, and natural resources of the state.


CONNECT: Incase of Emergency dial 911

ONLINE: https://www.oregon.gov/osp/Pages/officelist.aspx


PHONE: (541) 947-2267

FAX: (541) 947-3308

EMAIL: Sergeant Scott Hill:  scott.hill@osp.oregon.gov

LOCATION: 1269 South G Street, Lakeview, OR 97630

What Is Lake District Wellness Center?

Lake District Wellness Center is a team of service professionals partnering with the community, families, and individuals to improve the behavioral health of Lake County citizens.

Questions Or Concerns?

Wellness Center – 35 S G St. Lakeview, Oregon | 541.947.6021 ext. 1

Recovery Center – 215 N G St. Lakeview, Oregon | 541.947.6021 ext 2

Family Center – 100 North D St. Lakeview, Oregon | 541.947.6021 ext 3

Christmas Valley Annex – 87520 Bay Rd. (located in the North Lake Health District Medical Center) Christmas Valley, Oregon | 541.947.6021 ext 4

AirNow is your one-stop source for air quality data. Our recently redesigned site highlights air quality in your local area first, while still providing air quality information at state, national, and world views. A new interactive map even lets you zoom out to get the big picture or drill down to see data for a single air quality monitor.

In AirNow, you’ll find:


Current and forecast air quality maps and data for more than 500 cities across the U.S.

Current and historical data for U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world

Current fire conditions including fire locations, smoke plumes, and air quality data from permanent and temporary air quality monitors.

Air quality data for Canada and Mexico

Enviroflash emails, apps, widgets, and an API

Health and air quality information for the public

healthcare professionals

teachers and students


Know what disasters and hazards could affect your area, how to get emergency alerts, and where you would go if you and your family need to evacuate.  Make sure your family has a plan and practices it often.


Download the FEMA App to get preparedness strategies, real-time weather and emergency alerts.

Make A Plan

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Make a plan today. Your family may not be together if a disaster strikes, so it is important to know which types of disasters could affect your area. Know how you’ll contact one another and reconnect if separated. Establish a family meeting place that’s familiar and easy to find.





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