Primary Care


Chen Jeffery

Jeffrey Chen, MD

Lake Health Clinic – Internal Medicine
Currently accepting new patients 18 and older


Gallagher Timothy 1

Timothy Gallagher, MD

Lake Health Clinic Medical Director

Lake Health Clinic – Not currently accepting new patients


Hussey Stephen

Stephen Hussey, MD

Chief of Medical Staff

Lake Health Clinic – Not currently accepting new patients


Graham Scott

C. Scott Graham, DO

Warner Mountain Medical Clinic


Cahill Lesa

Lesa Cahill, FNP

Warner Mountain Medical Clinic


Harlan Tiffany

Tiffany Crane-Harlan, FNP

Lake Health Clinic – Walk-in clinic care provider


Fitzgerald Rosanne

Rosanne Fitzgerald, FNP

Lake Health Clinic – Currently accepting new patients


Steward Erin

Erin Steward, PA-C

Lake Health Clinic  – Currently accepting new patients


Theall Amy

Amy Theall, PMHNP

Lake Health Clinic Available in person or via telehealth. Currently accepting new patients


General Surgery

Bradbury Mark

Mark Bradbury, MD

Lake District Hospital



Chang Emery

Emery Chang, MD

Lake District Hospital



Than Duong

Duong Than, MD

Lake Health Specialty Clinic




Lake District Hospital



Coming Soon


Behavioral Health

Martinez Heidi

Heidi Martinez, MA QMHP

Executive Director – Lake District Wellness Center


Newton Christine

Christine Newton, LPC

Lake District Wellness Center


Mungarro Susan 1

Susan Mungarro, CADC I

Lake District Wellness Center – Recovery


Bucher Diana


Diana Bucher, QMHP

Lake District Wellness Center



Roark Hayley

Hayley Roark, QHMP III (LPC)

Lake District Wellness Center – Christmas Valley

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