Vascular Studies

What Are Vascular Studies?

Non invasive vascular diagnostic examinations can utilize ultrasound instruments or a pressure measuring technique known as ais plethysmography. Both of these modalities are painless and accurate and can assist your doctor in determining whether you have blood clots or clogged arteries.

Extremity Vascular Studies

This group of diagnostic examinations can determine whether pain in the legs or feet is caused by blood restriction or blood clots. Additional applications are used to identify the causes of leg and foot ulcers, weak pulses, cold or blue discoloration in the feet, calf pain that occurs when walking short distances and abnormal pulses anywhere.

Cerebrovascular Studies

Include Doppler insonation, B-mode colorflow and ultrasonic angiography of your head arteries for mini strokes, dizziness, migraines, vision changes, stroke or trauma to your head or neck.

Abdominal Vascular Studies

Include ultrasound examination of the aorta and its major branches and inferior vena cava for aneurysms, hypertensive renal disease, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, hypertension, edema and more.

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