Lake District Wellness Center is a team of service professionals partnering with the community, families, and individuals to improve the mental and behavioral health of Lake County citizens.


• We maintain a safe and caring environment that is
welcoming, understanding, and validating.
• We meet the needs of our clients and their families.
• We provide a diversity of services.
• We recognize and respect cultural differences and individual
• We celebrate the diversity of humanity, including differences
in gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, ability, sexual
orientation, gender identity, income, education, religion, and
political beliefs.
• We use creative solutions to achieve positive outcomes.
• We maintain strict confidentiality.
• We collaborate with our community partners to best serve
the needs of Lake County.
• We are committed to staff and professional development.
• We work with excellence and integrity.


• We provide individual counseling for children,
adolescents, and adults.
• We provide family counseling.
• We provide group counseling.
• We offer child-parent psychotherapy and parenting
• We provide activity therapy.
• We perform the Early Childhood Service Intensity
Instrument (ECSII), Child and Adolescent Service
Intensity Instrument (CASII), and the Level of Care
Utilization System (LOCUS).
• We offer courses in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).
• We offer psychiatric medication services for children,
adolescents, and adults through telemedicine. Andrew
Vilius, a registered nurse with a Master of Science degree
and a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, is our
prescriber. In addition to telemedicine, he does on-site
visits four times a year.
• We provide moral reconation therapy (MRT), a batters
intervention program, and sexual offender treatment
through referrals from Lake County Community Justice.
* We also offer treatment following arrests for driving
under the influence of intoxicants.


Wellness Center 35 S G St. Lakeview, Oregon | 541.947.6021 ext. 0

Recovery Center 215 N G St. Lakeview, Oregon | 541.947.6021 ext 2

Family Center 100 North D St. Lakeview, Oregon | 541.947.6021 ext 3

Christmas Valley Annex 87127 Christmas Valley Hwy, Christmas Valley, Oregon 541.947.6021 ext 4