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Lake Health District -Alturas Health Clinic, would like to thank the Modoc community for the trust in your healthcare that you have given us over the last 10 years. Taking care of you and your family has been an honor for the Lake Health District staff and your providers. Your continuing wellness and health are a priority for us.

Sadly, Lake Health District-Alturas Health Clinic will be closing on December 1, 2022.

If you were a patient of Alturas Health Clinic, it is important that you continue with appropriate medical care; therefore, you should establish contact with another practitioner as soon as possible. This would include the option of continuing care with Tony Reynolds, FNP, or any of the excellent practitioners at Modoc Medical Center.

Lake Health District is willing to accept new patients as we are able; the clinic in Lakeview continues to actively seek providers interested in rural healthcare.

We received a notice from Partnership Healthplan (PHP) Insurance of California that they are working to help place patients with their coverage in Alturas, Cedarville, Redding or other facilities in California. You can reach their customer service line at 1-800-863-4155.

Lake Health District continues to accept all commercial plans (Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Anthem, United Healthcare, Medicare and Medicare Advantage). It is highly recommended that the cardholder check with their insurance (phone number on the back of the insurance card) to determine medical coverage in Lakeview, Oregon. Again, if you are in a managed care plan, you need to contact your insurer for a referral within their network.

A HIPAA compliant authorization form is necessary to release a copy of any patient’s medical records to you or your new provider, which can be obtained at Alturas Health Clinic if you did not receive one in the mail. Signed releases can be mailed to: Lake Health Clinic, 700 South J Street, Lakeview OR 97630, ATTN: Clinic Records Release. On receipt of this signed form, our office will forward a copy of the medical records to you or to the physician or clinic you designate. It is our intent to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of care for you.

If you have questions or need more information, please call Alturas Health Clinic at 530-233-2288 through Wednesday, November 30. Beginning December 1, you can call Lake Health Clinic at 541-947-3366.


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