Physical Therapy

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy assists in the rehabilitation process for people with health problems resulting from injury, illness, or disability. We assess and develop personalized treatment programs that meet the needs of each individual.

What Conditions Do Physical Therapists Treat?

  • Spine care (neck and back)
  • Joint replacement recovery
  • Shoulder and upper extremity rehab
  • Hand rehab
  • Neurological disorders, including stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and traumatic brain injury
  • Sports injuries
  • Gait training
  • Balance training
  • Pain management
  • Amputee rehab
  • Developmental delays
  • Pediatrics

Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise-based program, designed by a specialized physical therapist, to improve balance and reduce dizziness-related problems.

Pelvic Floor

Formerly referred to as women’s health, pelvic floor physical therapy provides a range of manual therapy, education, and exercise-based services to promote optimal urologic, gynecological, and colorectal health. Treatment is delivered by therapists who have pursued additional certification and specialization for a broad range of pelvic floor diagnoses for men and women of all ages.

Common problems our specially trained therapists address include:

  • Frequent need to urinate or presence of leakage
  • Feeling unable to have a complete bowel movement or having several bowel movements in a short period of time
  • Fecal incontinence, constipation, or straining
  • Pain during urination, intercourse, or bowel movement
  • Pain in the lower back, sacroiliac joint, or coccyx
  • Post-bladder surgery
  • Post-pregnancy
  • Prolapse


Lymphedema is a buildup of lymph fluid in the fatty tissue beneath the skin, causing swelling. Our certified lymphedema therapist is specially trained to provide therapy to address this chronic condition and the complications that come with it.

Sports Rehab

From dislocations and muscle cramps, to sprains and shin splints, our team is experienced in preventing, diagnosing, and treating injuries incurred during sports or exercise.

Work Hardening

This highly structured, goal-oriented, individualized intervention program is designed to return an employee to work. Our work hardening programs utilize real or simulated work activities to restore physical, behavioral, and vocational functions.

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