Long Term Care Facility


Lakeview Gardens, Lake County’s new assisted living and long-term care cottages, opened in July 2017 at 1220 South Ninth St., Lakeview. Each of Lakeview Gardens’ three homes exemplifies person-centered care by offering 12 private bedrooms, each equipped with its own European-style bathroom. All three cottages have a large, professional-grade kitchen with meals prepared on site, plus communal living, dining, and covered outdoor space. Find out more by visiting Lakeview Gardens online or calling one of the following numbers:

Long-term Care
(541) 947-2114 ext. 283

Assisted Living
(541) 947-2114 ext. 187.

Housing Information

Like all smaller communities, Lakeview has a limited amount of housing. However, our HR staff works tirelessly to find great places for our travelers and employees to live that meets their needs. Please contact the HR department at 541-947-2114 if you are having a difficult time finding a place to live and we will attempt to help.

Visit Our Lakeview Location

700 South J Street, Lakeview, OR 97630

(541) 947-2114

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