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How Do Donations Help The Program?

Lakeview Home Health & Hospice’s goal is to support all terminally ill community members regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay. We are able to do this in part due to the generous donations from our community. We are a non-profit program and all donations and gifts are tax deductible. All donations are used with direct patient benefit in mind. In the past, donations have been used for equipment such as beds, pressure relieving mattresses, bed side commodes, and shower benches. Additionally, funds were used for high level training for our staff in death and dying, as well as bereavement materials.

How Can I Help?

If you are interested in donating you call us at 541.947.7296 or send your donations to

Lakeview Home Health & Hospice
700 South J Street
Lakeview OR 97630

All Donors receive a letter of thanks. Any donations made “In Memory of” another individual will have letters sent to the family letting them know of the donation “In Memory of” their loved one.

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