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Lake Health District (LHD) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) began service September 1st, 2020.

LHD EMS provides Emergency Medical Services and technical rescue services (vehicle extrication/rope rescue) to Lake County Ambulance Service Area #4. This covers more than 5,800 square miles; from Valley Falls, Oregon south to Davis Creek, California and from Bly, Oregon east to Denio, Nevada and includes the communities of Lakeview, Westside, Adel, Plush and New Pine Creek. Lake Health District EMS is a combination agency comprised of seven full-time and several PRN personnel along with approximately twenty-five Volunteers that operate four Advanced Life Support (ALS) capable Ambulances (3-Lakeview/1-Adel), two quick response vehicles (1-Plush/1-Lakeview) and a technical rescue truck. LHD EMS operates out of three stations, with a new headquarters building in Lakeview complete with full living quarters for on-call personnel; along with two stations serving Warner Valley provided in cooperation with the Warner Valley First Responders. Thomas Creek West Side Rural Fire Protection District provides automatic aide to LHD EMS in the role of medical first responders within their district, along with providing technical rescue support for confirmed entrapment situations anywhere within ASA #4.

Additional services, beyond 24/7 emergency response, LHD EMS also provides interfacility transfer services along with standby coverage at community events and public education outreach. LHD EMS personnel also supplement staffing in the Emergency Department during surge situations or during critical incidents.

If you’re interested in Volunteering with LHD EMS contact EMS Director Tyson Lane at 541.947.2114 – EXT 5553 or tlane@lakehealthdistrict.org

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